Our dual mission is to provide a fun, instructional and safe league for girls to learn and enjoy the awesome sport of softball, and to serve as a feeder program that will help create and maintain a consistently strong high school softball program.

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Welcome to Lynnfield Girls Softball

The Lynnfield Girls Softball League's dual mission is to provide a fun, instructional and safe outlet for girls to learn and enjoy the awesome sport of softball, and to provide a healthy feeder program that will help create and maintain a consistently strong high school softball program.

Scheduling and Emails

LGS Website Troubles

Our notification system has been a bit "wonky" this year, so please ignore notifications you receive from the league about games and practices. Communications from your coach are the only ones to pay attention to. 

For those receiving emails who aren't signed up or who are different teams than the emails say, we apologize.

We are updating the online schedule for the remaining season games. This should be complete in the next day or two.

Thank you for your patience.


by Master Admin posted 05/15/2018
Great Progress at LMS Field
LMS Field from parking lot, 2-20-18LMS Field from behind backstop, 2-20-18LMS Field from school side, 2-20-18LMS Field from woods side, 2-20-18LMS Field under construction, 10-11-17LMS Field Under Construction, late October 2017

Middle School Field 2-20-18

Middle School Field Looking Good

The LMS softball field improvements are shaping up nicely, as was visible during the recent warm stretch. The skin infield is impressive and the sodded outfield seems to be taking hold. It remains unclear when the field will be ready for play, but we're hoping that the relatively mild winter will accelerate the process.

Following is a November report from Arthur Bourque, who spearheaded the successful effort to upgrade the town's playing fields: "At the softball field, the new clay infield has been installed and it is looking great. We have re-graded and reinstalled the outfield, installed sprinklers and drainage and will be sodding that field on Wednesday. The concrete walk behind the backstop will be installed on Monday or Tuesday and the electrical installation will be happening next week. In the spring we hope to replace the storage trailer at that location and add a pad for a port-a-pottie. That will wrap up that field."

The sod was placed, as seen in the attached photo, and with the exceptional work of the DPW and contractor, the field is on track to join our high school field as among the best in the region. 

The photos featured include one from early October (showing construction vehicle and material on mound), one from late October (dirt spread on field) and four different views from February 20, 2018.

by Master Admin posted 02/22/2018
Lynnfield High Field Rules

Respect Lynnfield Fields

Lynnfield residents have invested substantial amounts of money and time to upgrade the town's fields to be among the best in the area. In particular, the high school complex is an impressive facility that creates a better playing experience for Lynnfield residents and for the out-of-town teams they play.

To help preserve the quality of our fields, please follow the Town Recreation Committee's Field Guidelines.


To preserve the quality of the turf and provide a clean and healthy environment the following are NOT ALLOWED on this synthetic turf playing complex:

  • Food and drinks (other than in the concessions area and bleachers), beverages (other than water), sports drinks, gum, seeds or nuts
  • Alcoholic beverages of any type
  • Glass bottles or containers
  • Tobacco Products of any kind, smoking or open flame
  • No Metal cleats, only rubber and plastic cleats are allowed
  • Dogs or pets of any kind
  • Inappropriate behavior or language
  • Canopies, umbrellas, or other items that requiring spiking to hold them in place
  • Chairs with four legs
  • Golf playing
  • Motorized vehicles or bicycles (except official vehicles)

All field users are responsible for properly disposing of their trash and recyclables Please do not pick, pluck or pull grass fibers or infill materials on the field Formal practice or games require a field permit which can be obtained through the Recreation Commission 

by posted 01/28/2018
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